Who Are We?

One Stop National Security LLC

Business License #B20588

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 We are a home automation company built on a security based platform. Our covenant is to give back. We promise to ensure peace of mind, security, while protecting what matters most and keeping you connected. Our technology is trusted by over 5 million people from energy to guard services, home automation, monitoring and wellness. We are 1Stop! 

  • Founded in 2015 by Apostle Coleman in Fairfield, Texas 
  • Corporate Team over 80 years of business leadership 
  • Over 50 years of leadership in marketing (MLM)

Apostle Alan D. Coleman is a significant voice of Christianity throughout the world. His diligent, expository teachings is based solely on the Word of God. His innovative systems of illustrations and biblical categories clearly communicate the infallible truths of God’s Word.

Apostle Coleman is a man of great faith, action and an unmovable man of conviction. A compassionate and dedicated servant of God. A fervent believer in the power of prayer and fasting. Apostle Coleman speaks for the ones who doesn’t have anyone to speak for them. He reaches out to the neglected and the abandoned.

Apostle Coleman has a combination of resourcefulness, inventiveness, wit, drive and an unshakeable faith not in Coleman's power but in God's power mitigates many obstacles in the apostle's path. Apostle Coleman has an air of confidence and fearlessness as he marches in a straightforward manner towards the mark of the high calling.

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